This dashboard includes tools offered by the National Association of Apartment Locators and Rental Advisors. The buttons displayed on your personal dashboard may look different than this sample. Some buttons are only displayed if you are purchasing additional marketing products from Rental Advisors. Below is a description of each button and the tool it displays.





The dashboard is the main control panel to all of your member tools.



Lead Dashboard


A dashboard of leads collected from your NAAL profile on the NAAL website or other places you advertise your membership. This universal form can be used on any webpage to capture leads in one central client database.


*If you are purchasing leads from Rental Advisors, this is where your leads are displayed.



Edit Profile


Make changes to your profile information, and social media channels displayed on your NAAL member profile, and in the NAAL member directory distributed to property management companies.



View Profile


View your NAAL member profile as displayed on the NAAL website to renters who are searching for an apartment locator.



Social Media


An exclusive feed of relevant articles apartment locators can copy/paste to their own social media channels. We've searched through multi family blogs and articles to create a simple list for our members to publish high level, relevant content for your personal social media.



NAAL Logos


Download a ZIP file of NAAL logos in various sizes and backgrounds. Promote your NAAL membership on business cards, cover letters, email signature, and website.



Apartment Database *BETA TESTING


A self service portal for NAAL members to crowd source important information with other members. You have complete control over the information displayed to other members.





1. Local Market Database


We have pre-assigned your database to your local market. The database does not have every property in your city. It is a cherry picked list of apartments. You can nominate any property you want added to the database. The purpose of the database is to create a list of locator preferred properties.



2. Locator Preferred Properties


The database is shared by all members. If any member marks a property "preferred", the property name is highlighted in yellow. The order of the property list is sorted by preferred properties first, then sorted by property name. Non-preferred properties are displayed below.


*We can add more data fields during the beta test period.



3. Search Box


The search box accepts any search terms. Property name, zip code, street name, neighborhood. If you are located in a large market, it may take a couple of seconds to display your search results.


*We can add more search functionality during the beta test period.



4. Action Buttons


  • Create Post: This is a crowd sourcing platform where you have complete control over what is displayed to other locator members. Click the Create Post button and select a category, then write the details in the description box. All posts from all locators are sorted by category type. This box will show the most recent five posts, to read the entire history of posts, click the Listing button.
  • Create Alert: These posts go to our staff when something needs fixed.
  • Floor plans: This is a table showing all of the floor plans at this property.
  • Listing: A basic listing of the property with photos, year built, units, crowd sourced posts, floor plans.


*Currently the floor plans are not tied to our real time data. We can add more categories, alerts, and information to the listing during the beta test period.





Member Directory


A printable list of NAAL members distributed to our locator and owner/manager members. The information displayed is linked to the information you provide on your profile.





If you are purchasing our Apartment IDX for your website, this is the ADMIN version of the map. The pricing is tied to our real time database of pricing.



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