Please be advised that an ongoing fraud investigation is being conducted by the Texas Real Estate Commission into a San Antonio apartment locating company, Apartments Today located at 1603 Babcock Road, Suite 186, San Antonio TX 78229. The nature of this investigation includes allegations of apartment locators at Apartments Today operating without an active real estate license, submitting fraudulent invoices for commissions on behalf of locators who did not hold an active real estate license, and accusations they provided fraudulent application information to clients to bypass the employment verification and criminal background check.

If your apartment community received an invoice from Apartments Today, and the apartment locator did not hold an active real estate license, you may be entitled to reimbursement and damages. Any invoice submitted by Apartments Today on behalf of a locator who did not hold an active real estate license, is fraud and you do not have to pay it.

A complaint has been filed with the Texas Real Estate Commission related to alleged fraudulent rental applications associated with Apartments Today referrals. If your management company has discovered a pattern of potentially fraudulent rental applications connected to any apartment locator service, and you would like to assist the Texas Real Estate Commission, I have provided their contact information below.

The National Association of Apartment Locators fully supports the efforts being made by the Texas Real Estate Commission. We also fully support all apartment communities and management companies who work with apartment locators. We have several resources below to provide answers to frequently asked questions by property managers. Please feel free to contact me directly if I can help in any way.

Jodi Southwick


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