April 2022 – We recreated the NAAL website with an updated WordPress website. Each member profile has a new look and feel but the link stays the same so the member doesn’t lose any SEO value from their previous profile. The number of views on each profile was carried over from 2021, so the member’s popularity ranking stays the same.


Each member needs to create a new password. We’ve replaced the system that required one of our board members to manually connect a profile with a username before a member could login. Our website and our database now run an automation script every 15 minutes to look for new passwords and connect the two systems. This will greatly benefit our members by quickly giving access to the member’s only section. When the two systems sync, the member will receive a confirmation email within 5-15 minutes. After receiving the confirmation email, the member can click the link in the email to login or use the Member Login link on the home page of


You will need to be logged in to access any of the member’s only section. While fixing the system errors we disabled the permissions so our member’s could access their information. Now that the system is updated, the permissions have been restored.


  1. Members will receive an email with a link to create a new password.
  2. After a new password is saved, the member’s only section will sync with the website and email you a confirmation that you can now login with your new password. This usually takes between 5 and 15 minutes.
  3. In the future, you can change your password by clicking the “Change Password” link from the Member Login on the home page.


We are moving away from PayPal and using a more sophisticated payment gateway with Stripe credit card processing. This will allow members to update their credit card, cancel their membership, and receive automated notifications if their credit card has expired or been declined. It gives our members more control over their membership.

We will be cancelling all PayPal subscriptions and emailing members a link to set up their credit card in Stripe. This is a tedious request but will benefit all members in the long run.


If you need to cancel your membership,login to the Member’s Only Section and click “Cancel Membership/Update Credit Card” from the home page. Change your membership status to cancel and your credit card will automatically be cancelled.

If you need to update your credit card, login to the Member’s Only Section and click “Cancel Membership/Update Credit Card” from the home page. Enter the email address you used with Stripe to set up your credit card and Stripe will email a secure link so you can update your payment information.