Amber Boyd – Core one real estate

P.O. Box 6, Merit, TX 75458
Member Type : Apartment Locator
Location : Dallas
Phone : (214) 726-6389
Join Date : 6/21/2020
License Number : 609538

Core One Real Estate is a hybrid brokerage that assists in apartment locating and residential sales. We work hard to find the perfect place to call home.

My name is Amber Boyd. I am the ripe age of 29 and the Broker/ Owner of Core One Real Estate. Why Core One Real Estate you ask? Let me just tell you a little bit about myself. 

One of my passions in life is to help others and encourage them along their paths in life. At the age of 19 I began the journey to obtain my real estate license. At that moment all I knew was that I wanted to help people. I didn’t know what my path would entail other than I know that I felt like my calling in life was to help others. By 20 I activated my Tx Real Estate license. Like most I was looking for money quick as I was very hungry. I uncovered a golden nugget in the real estate industry that others “simply don’t have time for”.. As I was building my real estate business I began in the Apartment Locating side of Real Estate. This industry takes tenacity and a no quit attitude. I harvested that energy into building an apartment locating empire. 

One of my life goals was to start my own Real Estate Brokerage by the time I turned 25 years old. On November 24, 2015 Core One Real Estate was born. 😀
Over this time I have  nurtured and cared for this beautiful company that we have today. We are a group of agents who have the desire to help others grow and succeed. One thing that I enjoy the most about being a Broker is the opportunity to work hand in hand with my agents. We are like a family. I encourage my agents to grow and learn everyday. My goal is to raise up a group of agents who want to continue their education and one day can become successful Brokers themselves if they choose to.


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