The Members Only section of our website contains tools, resources,
and templates we've created for our members.


Online Member Profile
  • Our member profile was designed to maximize SEO for your profile. Your custom URL for your profile is your name so anytime someone searches for your name, Google will show your profile on the search results.
  • The biography is also indexed by Google so the longer the bio, the better.
  • You can display a profile picture or a logo on your profile.
  • Renters can search for you by city.
  • The profile displays how many times your profile has been viewed online.
  • It can easily be shared on your social media to promote your membership.
  • Management companies who recognize NAAL members as preferred locators will use your profile to verify your membership.
Commission Collection System

Our Property Relations Committee Chairman, Lea Simpkins @ Texas Apartment Locating in Dallas has created several tools that have allowed her to successfully collect 100% of her invoices. She was generous enough to share these resources with our members.

  • Commission Collection Training Video - 15 minutes: It's a detailed explanation of her exact process to collect 100% of her invoices.
  • Commission collection email templates.
  • Commission collection guide in PDF that explains professionalism, presentation, email templates, and effective billing methods.
Benefits of Working with NAAL Locators Flyer

This flyer accomplishes two things: (1) it introduces the property manager to our organization and (2) immediately explains the value of working with you as a NAAL member. Apartment staff have high turnover rates, which makes it difficult for us to educate every property manager and leasing agent about our organization. Attaching this flyer to your emails, especially if you haven't worked with a property or management company before, will set a professional tone from the start.

Property managers want to work with professional apartment locators, this is the flyer Lea uses to get our NAAL members approved as preferred locator vendors.

Preferred Apartment Locators

We are in the process of identifying management companies with a closed list of preferred apartment locators, and discussing the benefits of working with our members. We recently had WillMax Capital agree that ALL NAAL Members are now part of their preferred apartment locator list.

As we accumulate more agreements with management companies, we will post these inside the members only area.

NAAL Guest Card Template

Documentation plays a big role in your ability to collect a commission in a timely manner. Although it would be helpful, it is not the responsibility of the leasing staff to provide you with documentation. Online guest cards rarely have a place for clients to "write your name down" so we created this guest card as a voluntary piece of documentation you can use to promote your NAAL membership and document your referral to a property.

*This does not replace other required client registration methods. I've never heard of a property manager complaining of too much documentation.

  • PDF & Online format available.
  • You might use this form if you've never worked with a property or management company before. It's a great way to start off the relationship, accompanied by the Benefits of Working with NAAL Locators flyer.
  • You could use the form as part of every referral, or use the guest card with leases over a certain dollar amount to create additional documentation when you can't escort your client.
NAAL Lease Verification Template

One of the most difficult tasks as an apartment locator is getting the property to return the paperwork. Management companies are never going to standardize guest cards and lease verifications for us. We are responsible for creating our own systems.

When all of our members use the same forms and templates, two things are accomplished:

  1. The management companies begin to recognize our logo and format. It's easier for them to process the request when the form is familiar.
  2. We are taking responsibility for improving the process for property managers.

The key to asking for information fast, is making it easy. PDF, Word, Google Sheets, and Online Versions available.

Apartment Directory/Alerts

Apartment Alerts is a private area so our members can alert other members of unethical practices by properties? It's a crowdsourcing platform where our members can help other members avoid the possibility of not getting paid. You can also inform members about compliance requirements, if you have to pay a fee, or if they waive the compliance depot fee.

We can expand the functionality of this area if our members see a value in crowdsourcing additional information.

Apartment Locating Business Plan Template

This Apartment Locating Business Plan was written by Jodi Southwick, the CEO of Rental Advisors and President of NAAL. Every year your apartment locating business needs to evolve, and your marketing messages need to change. This 20-page business plan template will get you thinking about your processes and goals in a whole new way, and help you grow your business by defining the big picture and incremental goals.

  • Personal vision
  • Professional vision
  • Financial vision
  • Locator lead funnel
  • Organizational chart
  • Time allocation
  • Social media & email marketing
  • Business checklist
  • Systems
  • Income producing activities
  • Test & measure
Property Relations Email

If you would like assistance or advice from our Property Relations Committee, please include our email address in your communications. We will not respond to your email or get involved unless you specifically ask for our help. It can be helpful to loop us in early on so the leasing staff can see that you are a member of NAAL and our organization is here to help.

We recommend you try to resolve the issue yourself as professionally as possible, but if you think our committee can help we are here as a resource to our members.

Legal Email

As an NAAL member you have access to discounted legal services through one of our attorney partners. He can send a demand letter on attorney letterhead, assist with small claims court, or offer full service small claims representation if needed at a discounted rate.

If you need to send a "soft" collection letter by email, you can copy Please refer to our Commission Collection Guide written by our Property Relations Chairman, Lea Simpkins @ Texas Apartment Locating for additional instructions and professional collection letter templates.

*Disclaimer: The Commission Collection Guide contains suggestions and professional guidelines to assist collecting an apartment locating commission. There is no guarantee these methods will work 100% of the time, and neither NAAL or Lea Simpkins is responsible for the outcome of your specific situation. 

NAAL Legal Services For Members

We have a new partnership with The Law Offices of Jeff Shelton, PLLC to offer our members reduced pricing for legal services.

  • Professional demand for payment letter on Attorney letterhead. - $50
  • Small claims court assistance. All forms required to prosecute the case in Justice Court. - $150
  • Full service attorney representation in small claims court. - 33.33% plus filing fee.
  • Attorney consultations at 50% discount.
Other Member Email Addresses

We've created additional email addresses for our members to use if you need to CC: the organization for either marketing or collection purposes. If you find it helpful to include NAAL in your emails so property managers can see your membership, you can use any of these email addresses and a copy of your correspondence will be kept for six months.

Facebook Group

Our members have a private Facebook Group to post questions, concerns, or celebrations to our NAAL Community.  It's free for our members to join at:

Membership Logos

Download our membership logos so you can promote your membership on your website, business cards, email signature, invoices, lease verifications, t-shirts, or any other printed marketing materials. The file comes with various sizes and quality so your graphic designer can use the file they need for the best result.

Become an NAAL Member Today!

NAAL offers one type of membership. Whether you are an individual agent, owner, or broker, all members join individually. As a broker member, your sponsored agents are not required to join, but your membership does not extend to your sponsored agents either. Each State has different sponsorship rules, so we offer a flexible "one size fits all" membership where each locator determines for themselves if they want to join as a member. If a locator member changes brokers, the membership moves with them and their online profile and directory is updated with their new broker information. Individual memberships offer the greatest flexibility to every locator in every State.