Your membership includes

  • Membership profile optimized for Google search results.
  • Online advertising to promote your profile.
  • Commission collection guide & video to collect 100% of your invoices.
  • Personalized lease verification form.
  • Personalized guest card.
  • Email templates to resolve disputes with property managers.
  • Dispute support from the Property Relations Committee.
  • *New Training Center

Training Center

  • Commission Collection Guide (PDF & Video)
  • Define Your Vision Worksheet
  • Financial Vision Worksheet
  • Benefits Of Work With Apartment Locators
  • Locator Lead Funnel
  • Marketing Worksheet
  • Lead Funnel Worksheet
  • How To Choose A Domain
  • Website Design Checklist
  • Social Media Posts and Captions

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Time Blocking
Best Reading List for Locators
Brand Worksheet
Google Business Profile (Lead Generation)

Who Can Join?

Any locator who agrees to our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice can join NAAL

  1. Any apartment locator can join if you agree to operate by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  2. As an agent, your membership moves with you if you change brokers. Simply update your member profile on the website. You must remain in good standing with the State licensing board.
  3. As a broker, your membership does not extend to your sponsored agents. The fact that agents can change brokers at any time makes it impossible for us to uphold our promise to property managers that all of our members are in good standing with the State licensing board. Single memberships are the only way for us to achieve oversight.
  4. As a broker member, you can use our Training Center as a recruitment tool. You can even reimburse your new agents for their membership fee as a perk. Our Commission Collection Guide will improve invoice collection so the membership pays for itself. Creating training guides and checklists is very time consuming, but we’ve already done the work for you.
*New Training Center
*New Training Center

There is an overall lack of training and online resources available for apartment locators. We’ve partnered with Rental Advisors to create a library of business plans and development tools so locators can build a successful apartment locating business. Download guides, instructions, and checklists covering business development, lead generation, and commission collection. Whether new to locating or a experienced success story, the training center covers topics from business basics to business expansion. Brokers without a training program in-house can offer an NAAL membership as a recruitment tool so new agents can utilize the training.

Lease Verification vs. Lease Confirmation
Lease Verification vs. Lease Confirmation

The Lease Verification explicitly identifies you as the referral source and the manager agrees to pay you the commission. Our lease verification is much different than a lease confirmation. It’s a commission agreement after the fact. When the manager signs it, they agree in writing to pay your commission. Management companies are not responsible for standardizing the guest card or lease verification. We are responsible for creating systems that legitimize our referrals. When our members use the same forms and templates, it’s easier for leasing staff to complete and sign the verification because our form and logo are familiar.

Legal Assistance
Legal Assistance

The Commission Collection Guide includes a Soft Collection email template and Final Demand email template for outstanding invoices up to 90 days. Past 90 days you have access to discounted legal services through one of our attorney partners. He can send a demand letter on attorney letterhead, assist with small claims court, or offer full service small claims representation if needed at a discounted rate. 

*Disclaimer: The Commission Collection Guide contains suggestions and professional guidelines to assist collecting an apartment locating commission. There is no guarantee these methods will work 100% of the time, and neither NAAL or Lea Simpkins is responsible for the outcome of your specific situation. 

Member Profile Online
Member Profile Online

Your member profile was designed to show up on page one of Google and we cross promote your profile on NAAL, Rental Advisors, and Locator IDX. Anytime your name or company is searched online, Google will show your NAAL profiles.  Your biography is indexed by Google so the longer the bio, the better. You can personalize your profile with a picture or a logo. Renters can search for you by city. The profile displays how many times your profile has been viewed online. It can easily be shared on your social media to promote your membership. Management companies who recognize NAAL members as preferred locators will use your profile to verify your membership.

Personalized Forms
Personalized Forms

Documentation plays a big role in your ability to collect a commission in a timely manner. Online guest cards rarely have a place for clients to “write your name down” so we created a personalized guest card as a voluntary piece of documentation you can use to promote your NAAL membership and document your referral to a property. You might use this form if you’ve never worked with a property or management company before. It’s a great way to start off the relationship, accompanied by the Benefits of Working with NAAL Members flyer. You could use the form as part of every referral, or use the guest card with leases over a certain dollar amount to create additional documentation when you can’t escort your client.

*This does not replace other required client registration methods. I’ve never heard of a property manager complaining of too much documentation.

Email Support
Email Support

If you need assistance from our Property Relations Committee to resolve a dispute, please include our email address in your communications. We will not insert ourselves into the dispute unless you specifically ask for our help. It can benefit you if you CC property relations early in the dispute so the leasing staff can see that you are a member of NAAL and our organization is here to assist. We recommend you try to resolve the issue as professionally as possible, but if you think our committee can help, we are here as a resource to our members.

We have other email addresses in the members only area to help with marketing, correspondence, and legal matters. Go to the members only area for more information.

Commission Collection Guide
Commission Collection Guide

Our Property Relations Chair, Lea Simpkins @ Texas Apartment Locating created the most comprehensive guide about locating commissions ever written. Through the guide and the video training she explains how she uses the tools to successfully collect 100% of her invoices. Included in the training is a 15 minute video, professional best practices, email templates, how to schedule invoice reminders to avoid past due invoices, and effective billing methods. Even locators who have been in the business many years will learn something new from Lea’s training.

Membership Flyer
Membership Flyer

The Benefits of Working with NAAL Members flyer introduces the property manager to our organization and immediately explains the value of working with you. It is well documented that using this form to promote your membership receives a professional response from the leasing staff. Linking this flyer to your email signature or attaching it to your emails, especially the first time you refer a client, is an excellent introduction and demonstrates your commitment to professional best practices. Our members are treated differently because every interaction with the leasing staff is kind, professional, and upholds our Standards of Practice.

Membership Logo's
Membership Logo's

Download our membership logos so you can promote your membership on your website, business cards, email signature, invoices, lease verifications, t-shirts, or any other printed marketing materials. The file comes with various sizes and quality so your graphic designer can use the file they need for the best result.