The National Association of Apartment Locators is a professional trade association whose members are committed to operating their businesses with ethics, honesty, and integrity. Our members are a diverse community of small, medium, and large apartment locating firms, dedicated to the highest level of service to the apartment communities they serve.

NAAL is the only trade association for apartment locators. We formed in 2011 to collectively demonstrate our commitment to excellence. We wrote the first Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, to emphasize professional expectations to our customers, in our advertising, and to apartment communities. Locators have daily interactions with the staff at apartment communities, so it’s important to our members those conversations are professional and mutually beneficial. We believe improving communication increases professionalism and reduces disputes.


Every locator member has been thoroughly vetted by the State real estate commission/licensing board with a Federal background check and fingerprints. Our membership committee verifies the apartment locator AND their broker hold an active real estate license. If not, you do not owe a locating commission. Our membership directory tracks each locators license expiration date. If their license expires, you do not owe a locating commission.

Each locator member has volunteered for our certification process. They have made the following pledge through our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice:

• Locator members refuse to invoice any apartment community unless the member believes in good faith they are the procuring cause of the lease.
• Guarantee rent for 90 days. If the commission has been paid, and a client skips, members will refund the commission, no questions asked.
• Locators agree to act professional and resolve commission disputes through our Property Relations committee.
• Locators acknowledge they could lose their NAAL membership, and ability to work with apartment communities if they violate the Code of Ethics.
• Broker members refuse to sponsor any apartment locator convicted of unlicensed or fraudulent activity.

*Vendor management/credentialing companies only verify W9’s from locators; they DO NOT verify real estate licenses. They are not equipped to protect you from fraudulent locators and fraudulent invoices.

If a renter does not pay their rent in the first 90 days, and you have already paid the locating invoice to a locator member, we will refund the full commission, no questions asked.

Advertising through NAAL members is 100% performance based. You will never receive a locating invoice unless our members refer qualified renters. Our members are also prohibited from referring renters based purely on the highest commission rate. Our Code of Ethics requires NAAL members to put the need of the client first.