Property Relations Email

Our Property Relations Committee Chair, Lea Simpkins @ Texas Apartment Locating, has been testing several invoice collection methods over the past several months, and one of the most successful has been adding NAAL to her collection emails in the CC field.

Adding in the CC: field of your email when following up on an invoice, sends a powerful message that our Property Relations Committee is being notified of a potential problem between one of our members and an apartment community. The Property Relations Committee will not respond to your email or get involved in your collection efforts unless you personally notify Lea and ask for her help. Lea has had a very high response rate from property and regional managers by simply including us in the email. However, in the event the Property Relations Committee does need to get involved at a later date, we will already have copies of your complaint in our records.


Sometimes the best resolution is exposure. Unfortunately, there are apartment communities who advertise a locating commission but don’t honor the rate, or create so many hoops to collect the invoice locators eventually give up. Our goal with the property relations email is to let property managers know our organization will make our members aware of any changes in locator policies.


Sample verbiage to include in your emails:


I have copied the Property Relations Committee at the National Association of Apartment Locators so they can inform all of our members about your commission policies and procedures. If your advertised commission amount has changed or you are no longer working with locators, NAAL will inform our membership via email for your convenience. Please reply to this email with any changes.

Legal Email

In the event your invoice collection efforts are not adequately resolved within approximately 60 days, you may consider sending a “soft” collection letter by email and copy Please refer to our Commission Collection Guide written by our Property Relations Chairman, Lea Simpkins @ Texas Apartment Locating for additional instructions and collection letter templates.

*Disclaimer: The Commission Collection Guide contains suggestions and professional guidelines to assist collecting an apartment locating commission. There is no guarantee these methods will work 100% of the time, and neither NAAL or Lea Simpkins is responsible for the outcome of your specific situation. 

As an NAAL member you have access to discounted legal services through one of our attorney partners. He can send a demand letter on attorney letterhead, assist with small claims court, or offer full service small claims representation if needed.

Other Member Email Addresses

We’ve created additional email addresses for our members to use if you need to CC: the organization for either marketing or collection purposes. If you find it helpful to include NAAL in your emails so property managers can see your membership, you can use any of these email addresses and a copy of your correspondence will be kept for six months.