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Locator IDX is different than any other apartment locating software because it captures leads by displaying apartment listings on your website. Apartment locators play a crucial role in the real estate industry, and there are several advantages for both locators and apartment communities when it comes to publishing apartments on locating websites. This is common in the context of an apartment multi listing service (Apartment MLS), where apartment locating professionals share information about properties for rent.

Locator IDX is the corporate sponsor behind NAAL and is integrated with the NAAL database. Detailed property listings and commission rates are shared across both platforms and updated in real time. Locators can create guest cards and lease verifications directly in Locator IDX and share them with property managers. Together, Locator IDX and NAAL delivers essential tools to build a successful apartment locating business.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Search Filters
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Detailed Listings
  • Map Integration
  • Lead Capture
  • Notifications
  • Integration with Real Estate Data
  • Locating Website Included

Free Downloads & Resources

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Locator Lead Funnel
Locator Lead Funnel

We designed the Locator Lead Funnel to transform lead generation into a mathematical formula. Focus on conversion rate and lead volume.

Lead Funnel Worksheet
Lead Funnel Worksheet

Focus on elements you can control like conversion rate and lead volume. Don’t use new construction, commission rates, or rental rates.

Copy Lead Funnel
Copy Lead Funnel

Easily calculate your own lead funnel by making a copy of our Google Sheet and entering your financial goals.

Deal Tracking Forms
Deal Tracking Forms

Download forms and checklists to track leads and deals. Print and use or enter into your CRM.

Choose A Domain
Choose A Domain

Considerations about how to choose a domain for your apartment locating business.

Conversion Rate
Conversion Rate

Tracking conversion rates is a fundamental practice for strategic decision-making and resource allocation.

Members Only Section

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Access to locating resources

Apartment locating is a small niche industry so joining NAAL can offer access to specialized resources you can’t find any where else. Here are some of the resources we offer our members:

Networking Opportunities

NAAL provides a platform for our members to connect and build relationships with our apartment locating professionals. This networking can lead to collaboration, partnerships, and access to a broader professional community.

Information Sharing

In a small niche like apartment locating, information is not readily available through mainstream channels. NAAL members only section can serve as a hub for sharing industry-specific knowledge, best practices, and insights among members.

Advocacy and Representation

NAAL advocates for the interests of our members, representing their collective voice in regulatory matters, policy discussions, and other relevant forums. This can be particularly impactful when dealing with specific challenges or opportunities unique to apartment locators.

Business Development

The training center in the members only section offers professional resources to develop your business. Includes business plans, checklists, lead tracking, email templates, text templates, worksheets, and commission training program tailored to the needs of apartment locators. This helps members stay updated on industry trends, advancements, and skills. We are adding more downloads each week.

Access to Specialized Resources

Apartment locators have specific challenges and pain points. NAAL can collect and disseminate specialized resources, such as commissions, market data, and tools that are particularly relevant to apartment locating professionals.

Credibility and Recognition

Membership in NAAL can enhance professional credibility. It signals to prospects, leads, clients, colleagues, other apartment locators, regional managers, and on site personnel that you are committed to the industry’s standards and best practices, contributing to your overall reputation.

Professional Development

In a small niche industry like locating, our members face unique challenges that can be effectively addressed through collective problem-solving. Joining our Board of Directors is one way to elevate your professional development. Leading or joining an online meeting is another way to facilitate collaboration among members, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility while adding leadership to your professional development.

Industry Events and Conferences

With enough interest from our members we are open to organizing conferences, seminars, and events specific to the locating industry. These gatherings could provide opportunities to learn from experts, stay connected with industry changes, and collaborate with other locators in other markets.

Access to Exclusive Opportunities

NAAL would like to offer members exclusive opportunities in the future, such as participation in industry awards, recognition programs, or exclusive referral programs with participating management companies. These can contribute to professional growth and visibility within the industry.

Community Support

Being a member of NAAL provides a sense of belonging to a community of like-minded locating professionals. This support network can be invaluable, especially in a smaller industry where collaboration and mutual assistance are crucial for success. Our property relations committee helps resolve disputes and improve relationships between our members and property management personnel.

Overall, joining NAAL can significantly enhance your professional experience by providing access to resources, fostering collaboration, and promoting the collective interests of apartment locators.