Who Governs Apartment Locators

Licensed Professionals

In most states, apartment locators are required to hold an active real estate license.

Extensive Background Check

Every two years an extensive background check is performed to renew a real estate license.

Code of Ethics

Our organization provides an additional Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice from our members.

About NAAL

The only trade association for apartment locators

Apartment locators are governed by two parties. The state licensing board who issued their real estate license and the broker that holds their license and distributes their commission.

Most states require apartment locators to hold an active real estate license. This allows the apartment locator to collect a commission from their broker when a client signs a lease. Without a license, you are not allowed to profit from a third party real estate transaction and you are not allowed to represent renters interests. Every real estate agent must select a broker to hold their license. That broker is responsible for governing the agent and training the agent to make sure they are following all of the real estate laws.

Secondly, the board that issues the real estate license has the ability to suspend or revoke the license. If a renter files a complaint with the real estate board, stating the apartment locator is committing fraud or other unethical practices, the board has the power to investigate.

Who issues real estate licenses?

Real estate licenses are issued by a state governing body. In Texas, it's the Texas Real Estate Commission. In Arizona, it's the Arizona Department of Real Estate. Perform a Google search for "real estate licensing board in _______" adding the state you are researching.

Does the apartment association govern locators?

No. The National Apartment Association (NAA) is designed to support apartment owners, developers, and property management companies. They do not have any authority or interest in the locating industry. We support NAA but there is no benefit for a locator to join.

Does the real estate board govern locators?

No. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is an optional trade association that real estate agents may join for support and access to the MLS. They do no have authority or interest in apartment locators. Only if a locator joins NAR are they subject to their authority.